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Explore the curated selection of blue abstract wall art at Our collection effortlessly blends classic tones with modern aesthetics, highlighted by standout pieces. 

Find Your Perfect Blue Abstract Wall Art

At our store, we offer various abstract wall art, including modern prints, contemporary art, and minimalist designs. We're excited to present a wide selection of blue abstract art prints. Our team carefully selects each painting through thoughtful discussion, aiming to cater to diverse tastes. We understand everyone's style is unique, so we strive to offer a broad array of art. Our goal is to inspire you and make art accessible to all, regardless of whether you're a student or a business owner. We do this through a diverse collection and budget-friendly prices.

How To Decorate a Room with Abstract Blue Art?

Many people ask us how best to decorate their spaces with modern blue abstract paintings. It's hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer because everyone's style and preferences are unique. But, we do have some helpful suggestions.

Choose Colors That Go Well Together

Modern blue paintings look great with colors like white, grey, and sand, creating a peaceful feeling in your room. If you want something more striking, try combining blue with yellow or orange paintings for a lively contrast. Make sure your room's colors work well with the blue in your artwork.

Match Your Furniture and Fabrics

Furniture in neutral colors like white, beige, or cream makes blue art pop. You can also match blue art prints with similar-colored pieces, like a blue chair or sofa. For a bold look, try contrasting colors. For example, a yellow couch against a white wall with blue art can be eye-catching.

Hang Art at the Right Height

Where you hang art is important. It shouldn't be too high or too low. Usually, the middle of the picture should be at eye level. If it's over furniture, keep it 6-8 inches (15-20cm) above the top of the piece.

Try Pairing Artworks on Your Wall

If you have many art pieces, you can put different blue works together. Arrange them in a way that looks good to you. Blue looks nice with grey, white, cream, or light brown, but don't be afraid to mix it with bold colors like pink, yellow, or red for a striking effect.

Easy Steps to Order Wall Art from Us

Buying wall art from us is simple. Pick the art you like, choose the size, and if you want it framed, select the frame color. We'll send it ready to hang. To help you decide, we show you pictures of what different sizes look like in a room.

We know it's not easy to assess sizes remotely that's why we display room mockups for every variant so you get an idea of how your chosen art print looks on a wall. Upon scrolling down on product pages you also see an image of a wall with all kinds of frame sizes which should help to make informed decisions.

The Quality of Our Art Prints

We print our art on heavy, smooth matte paper that feels luxurious. The paper is thick (200 gsm / 80 lb) and comes in strong packaging to protect it. Depending on where you are, the paper size might change a little.

  • Paper Weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb
  • Dispatched in robust packaging to ensure poster protection
  • Kindly be advised, that paper sizes may vary marginally depending on the region.

How long does the delivery take?

Usually, it takes 4-8 business days to get your art in the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia. For Asia, it might take 4-12 days. We do our best to send your art quickly.

Do You Have A Return Policy?

We're all humans and try to give our best every day. But sometimes mistakes happen we'd like to apologize in case you have received a delayed or faulty product.

In any case please contact us here within 14 days after receiving your art print. Please send us visual proof of the problem (photos and/or videos) so we can send you a full refund or replacement.

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